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As a company, being agile means embracing and internalizing values that put the focus on your employees, on collaboration, and on delivering results. Agile organizations adopt a culture that encourages transparent, effective communication both internally and externally. They also apply structures that are more efficient at creating innovative products and solving problems.

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Every company is unique and every challenge is individual. At the beginning there is always a close look at your company, your organization and its structures. We look for close contact with you and your teams in order to quickly get an optimal 360-degree view. The scope and duration of this phase is based on the size of the company.

We analyze the determined parameters and create a corresponding need assessment. This contains all relevant answers to the areas in which your company excels and which is the ideal way to achieve the desired goals.

Crucial for the successful transformation is a deep understanding of what makes a process or a project agile.
The way there is agile and individual, but also characterized by linearity, iteration and the necessary consistency. We scale according to the possibilities and your internal expertise. We pay attention to a healthy balance - between requirements and expectations that result from the classic waterfall model and the applicability of the agile transformation.

The start of a product development is usually the greatest challenge. Many aspects are unknown and there is often a lack of clarity: How is the problem really defined or what are the exact requirements? Iterations help them to get a clear idea and a clearly outlined path from the start. This gives everyone involved the necessary security and transparency.

In the course of a transformation, there is sometimes a lack of qualified employees to deal with certain tasks. Here, too, Paradox Cat offers you the support you need: Our experienced professionals can be involved in your projects at any time in order to accompany you successfully.

With workshops, we prepare your team for the path ahead. The aim is for every employee to understand the values and advantages of agile processes. Finally, it should be internalized what makes the success of this procedure. Your teams work more creatively, develop better concepts and recognize mistakes early on.