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September 28 – 30, 2022


Auto.AI is the leading conference on the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the automotive industry. We are thrilled to have taken part in this conference as a Partner. Our Principal Machine Learning Engineer Johan von Forstner led a panel on topic about robust Machine Learning Systems for HMI interaction in autonomous vehicles.

If you could not join the World Café session on Thursday, September 29 between 11:15 am – 12:45 pm in Berlin, you can read the most important learnings in the link below!

If you have any questions about the Take-Aways or about Paradox Cat and its services, please write us a message using the box below!



We are a boutique software development service company located in Munich and in Ingolstadt, specialized in development of Human Machine Interface and AI software and tools for Automotive. We are exceptionally good at enabling our customers to do cutting-edge research, to prototype fast and to successfully bring the software to a high maturity level for deployment in series car production.

Driving the technological edge is our daily bread and butter. Thanks to the background of our team with roots in the computer game development and in space tech industries, we offer a high pace and flexibility, which enables us to bring our cutting-edge experience to automotive world. We arrived with the vision to influence and accelerate the technological progress in the field of Automotive HMI (AR/VR) and AI, to bring better technology to future generations of cars. As a longstanding supplier and partner of premium automotive brands including BMW and AUDI, we are proud to see results of our past work driving on the streets. Today we continue expanding our team and to work on development of the next-generation series cars and on research projects.

PARADOX CAT has created a new division (PARADOX AI) with focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which has a startup character within our already established software development business. We do this because we strongly believe that this technology will have the greatest impact on everyone’s lives in the future.

Do you want to bring the virtual world into the intelligent car of the future? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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