Paradox Cat


About us

Paradox Cat GmbH is a specialist software development partner in the area of real-time graphics. As a partner and supplier of various premium automotive  manufacturers, we support graphical interface development for high-end in car cluster instruments and infotainment systems. In addition to this, PARADOX CAT GmbH has increasingly participated in Proof of Concept projects and feasibility studies in the Human Machine Interaction (HMI) spectrum. Here, we focus on the implementation of new emerging technologies and their usability and implementation in the car of the future.

Dmitrij Kolb

CEO and founder

„Great development process is more than just optimisation. It’s about truly understanding the customer and helping teams to achieve better results on time.”

Olaf Hassenrück


„Working in the service industry means 100% commitment and a holistic understanding of the requirements and the desires of the customers – and the power to implement this in a practical manner. Only this is the road to success and guarantees happy and satisfied customers.“

Christof Ruch


„No art can be created without tools, and while great art does not necessarily require great tools, I believe every artist should have access to the best tools and tool-smiths possible.“