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Analysis and concept development


Armed with an overarching understanding of what makes HMI projects work as well as extensive knowledge of industry-specific best practices, our experts will work closely with you to understand your needs and build HMI systems that are eff ective for you and your customers.

Consultation, processes, tools


We understand that your company is unique. As a first step, we take a close look at your organiza-tion and analyze its needs. We then apply our in-depth knowledge to select the tools, frameworks, and processes that best meet your company’s goals.

Development and implementation


The next step is implementation. Industrystandard architecture, frameworks, programming languages, and tools are par for the course for our seasoned specialists who have worked on extra large, medium, and small scale projects over the last decade. We can coordinate complex, multi-part projects from start to finish, or take over and manage smaller individual modules as needed.



How you approach your HMI development project will determine its success. After conducting a thorough analysis of your technical architecture, we outline your product requirements and or-ganizational structure. We will also help you identify and fi ll the right roles in your teams, paving the way for a smooth execution.

Paradox Cat will work closely with stakeholders within your organization to outline and validate your product requirements – its value, purpose, specific features, and functions – as well as analyze any interdependencies. This will be documented in a comprehensive, clear and consistent software requirements specification (SRS) that will form the basis of your software development.

We turn your roadmap and SRS into a comprehensive product backlog, which is broken down into work packages that are manageable, understandable, and testable.

Our engineers are well versed in customizing architecture that integrates existing software with those that are in the pipeline while making room for modules yet to be developed. Our solutions are comprehensive; we define the components, structures, communication channels, and data types and take your hardware strengths as well as any limitations into account.

Project teams require dedicated roles. We will identify what these are and introduce you to best practices for outlining their respective tasks and responsibilities. We will coach your leaders on how to foster collaboration, reach consensus and make decisions. They will be familiarized with the artifacts, tools, and processes that make up a successful software development project.



Paradox Cat developers execute best practices learned in the industry and apply them to your organization to help you become agile. They break stories down into meaningful tasks to ensure successful sprints.

We can design the architecture and implement individual modules as well as the entire HMI software system, depending on your needs. We can also conduct technology exploration, resear-ching new software and hardware technologies on your behalf.

Through automated testing, continuous integration, and quick iterations, we guarantee the quality of our software and ensure in-time delivery within the targeted budget.

We integrate third-party components, including regular updates, and provide documented deliveries and releases. We know how to ensure that complex scenarios run smoothly.